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Tailor-made visual solutions

Use EIZO Visual Solutions to Display Data and Control and Monitor Processes

EIZO Technologies GmbH develops highly specialized monitor solutions, intelligent platforms, panel PCs, converter cards, and data signal distribution systems.
Our robust, fail-safe, and long-lasting solutions have been specially developed for the special requirements of air traffic control (ATC) and industrial applications.

Choose a tailor-made visual solution specifically designed for:

  • Rough industrial environments
    • Resistance to water, dirt, and dust in various IP protection classes
    • Resistance to shock and vibration
    • Temperature resistance
  • 24/7 operation
  • Security-related applications
    • Fail-safe security through redundant systems
    • Various mounting requirements

Comprehensive ATC solutions from EIZO

EIZO provides air traffic control centers, towers, and training & simulation facilities with the most extensive lineup of monitors, recording & streaming solutions, and graphics boards in the industry. Our product range of monitors of different sizes and specifications can be individually adapted to your needs and requirements and meets the high standards for sensitive and mission-critical ATC applications

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100 % EIZO Technology - for your individual needs in different industrial environments.

EIZO Technologies GmbH develops inhouse customized, fit follows function, highly specialized, reliable industrial displays, panel PCs, converter cards and data signal distribution systems from standard to full solution with the conforming approvals and certification.

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