Development of monitors, recording, data capturing & displaying solutions

Comprehensive ATC solutions from EIZO

EIZO provides air traffic control centers, towers, and training & simulation facilities with the most extensive lineup of monitors, recording & streaming products, data capture & content management solutions and and graphics boards in the ATC industry.

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Our product range of monitors of different sizes and specifications can be individually adapted to your needs and requirements and meets the high standards for sensitive and mission-critical ATC applications. Latest developments in 2K x 2 K and 4K x 2 K monitors featuring innovative and high-quality visual display solutions for ATC.


Our product solutions are specially designed for demanding ATC environments:

  • 24/7 operation
  • Mission critical redundancy
  • Maximum reliability
  • Readability
  • Superior image quality
  • High Brightness stabilization
  • High Contrast
  • Touch options
  • Network capability
  • External control panels for various interfaces
  • Long term availability / product stability
  • Legacy support

Primary Control Monitors


EIZO’s 2K × 2K and 4K × 2K primary control monitors offer air traffic controllers exceptional image quality with direct LED backlights for brightness uniformity and extensive customizability to meet the requirements of any installation.  With mission-critical redundancy, industrial-grade housing, and 100% in-house development and manufacturing, these monitors offer the optimal reliability demanded in ATC. Within our business and development department we can adapt your specific needs and provide you with a tailor-made solution.



Integrated Data Capture & Content Management Solution

SafeGuard is a data capture & content management solution designed to receive multiple feeds from communication interfaces employed in mission-critical environments such as ATC. It is an end-to-end system that provides a highly secure archive supporting the management, analysis, and distribution of data for industries facilitating Post Incident Investigation, Search & Rescue Operations, Training & Performance Analysis, and Verification & Validation.

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Tower Monitors

Our extensive lineup of Raptor tower monitors offer excellent readability of text and images in both bright and low ambient lighting conditions. They are developed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of mission-critical ATC tower environments with 24/ 7 operation.

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Auxiliary Monitors / Auxiliary & Touch Panel Monitor

EIZO’s extensive range of auxiliary monitors provides control centers, towers, and training & simulation facilities with high quality solutions that meet the diverse requirements of each environment.

Recording and Streaming Solutions


Re/Vue video recording and streaming solutions feature industry-leading lossless compression and enable mission-critical redundancy, providing accuracy and dependability for ATC, training & simulation, and command & control environments.

Products: Raptor Re/Vue ATC Solutions

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Primary Control Graphics Board

The 4th generation of Raptor high-resolution graphics boards and associated drivers are developed in-house by EIZO staff for air traffic control. With multi-resolution support, high configurability, and reliability with an innovative passive heatsink cooling system, these graphics boards meet the specifications required for any mission-critical environment.

Graphic boards