Display and operation technology for industry

Monitors that are used in industry differ from standard monitors in essential points:

  • Adapted to the machine design and machine operating concept
  • Extremely robust and resistant to heat, cold, dust and vibrations
  • Large brightness control range
  • Country or industry-specific approvals

Each of our monitors can be equipped with a touch screen and protective glass.

Thanks to many years of experience and 100% in-house development, EIZO Technologies is the preferred contact for machine builders and other industrial customers.


Information Monitors

All important information at a glance at all times

Our monitors meet the high requirements for information monitors, both for indoor and outdoor use. They are ideally suited for use, for example, at train stations, airports or production sites.

  • Picture-in-picture and split-screen
  • Individual assembly options
  • Signal feed via video and network interfaces
  • Master-slave combinations

EIZO Technologies can meet a wide variety of customer requirements through 100% in-house development. We are happy to help.

Case Studies

The picture shows one of our monitors for platform surveillance. These monitors have been in use in Munich since 2004.

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