Industrial Visual Solutions

With our long term experience developing industrial products we can develop the right visual solution for your application

100% EIZO - for all your Industrial requirements

EIZO Technologies develops and produces in house specialized, reliable industrial displays, panel PCs, converter cards and data signal distribution systems from standard to custom solutions all conforming to required approvals and certifications.

To meet the environmental requirements of these high end applications, our product lines can be customized and ruggedized to meet your project requirements exactly. Additionally they can be certified to industry or country specific standards as required.  


Industrial Applications

EIZO Technologies develops and produces monitors for many different industrial applications, such as: Automotive, Info Displays. Maritime, Passenger Entertainment, Railway, Security and Surveillance.

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EIZO Display solutions are specifically developed for the automotive demands.

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Info Displays

Our monitors can be customized to meet the requirement of information displays for indoor and outdoor use. They are ideally suited for use at railway stations, airports, and other public facilities or production sites.



Our customized display solutions for use on ship bridges meet all the relevant marine requirements to ensure the safety of the crew, ship, and cargo


Passenger Entertainment

Our entertainment displays are specifically ruggedized for use in cars and buses and can be used for information or entertainment applications. Options include various display sizes, housing designs, interface possibilities and integration of anti-reflection or special protective screens.

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Our display solutions are specifically designed for use in the rail transport sector for driver’s cab, platform monitoring, passenger information monitors and control rooms.

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Our Duravision industrial monitor series offers highly specified and rugged monitors for industrial requirements:

  • Harsh environment
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Wide temperature range
  • High brightness monitors, dimmable to low levels
  • IP protection glass and housings
  • Touch options including PCAP technology
  • Optical bonding
  • Long term availability 
  • 24/7 operation
  • Country- or sector-specific approvals 
  • OEM Production
  • Various Display Sizes
  • Mounting options
    • Rack, Chassis, Panel, VESA, Desktop

Different versions:

  • Various Display Sizes
  • Mounting configuration
    • Rack, Chassis, Panel, VESA, Desktop
  • Touch options
  • Approvals and much more

We have solutions for every application: from standard to customized display solutions.