Security and Surveillance

Professional monitors built for 24/7 use within security and surveillance applications

EIZO monitor solutions for security and surveillance

Monitor solutions for the security and surveillance sector must have hassle-free installation, efficient video management and exceptional visibility and be suitable for 24/7 use.

EIZO monitors meet these requirements, have exceptional image clarity and the following features to meet your individual requirements:

  • IP monitor for connecting to surveillance cameras without a computer
  • Integrated smart functions for image processing
    • Brightening of dark areas
    • Pixilation to prevent facial recognition
    • Communication with several IP cameras, made by various manufacturers
  • Efficient video management of multiple video feed
  • Multi-monitor configuration (PinP, PbyP)
  • Wide dimming range
  • Supports various resolutions
  • 4K monitors
  • Various input signals

Our monitors with integrated IP technology make it possible to directly control several IP cameras without the need for a computer. This saves space and makes installation even easier.


Visual security solutions for every application

Thanks to their excellent viewing angles, wide dimming range, and anti-glare surface, EIZO monitors are the perfect solution for various applications in the security sector, including:

  • Transportation hubs
  • Means of transportation (trains, suburban rail/subways
  •  Production
  • Government institutions
  • Businesses, buildings, underground parking

Broschure Security and Surveillance

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Triple Security Monitor for Train Driver

This 3 x 10.4” monitor has been designed especially for train applications used in driver cabins to surveil the station platform. The rugged housing is laminated with a strong industrial paintwork.


  • 3 x 10.4“ active color TFT-LCD Monitor
  • Special coating according to railway standard
  • Free-of-ground signal input
  • Resolution 1024 x 768 pixel (XGA)
  • Wide input voltage range from 9 to 33 VDC
  • Wide Operating temperature range -20 to +45°C (with integrated heat)
  • High Shock and vibration Resistance in all axles (x, y, z)
  • IP 21 Protection