EIZO Monitors with IDP

IDP giving you input flexibility and longterm support

With Intelligent Display Platform (IDP) integrated into a monitor it gives you flexibility to scale and postion upto three simultaneous inputs, longterm support and lifespan making it the perfect platform for visual systems in industrial and ATC applications. Benefit from multi-windowing and organize all your relevant content onto one screen.


The benefits of IDP integration:

  • Improved overview of information due to multiple inputs on one monitor
  • Multi-window:
  • Freely configurable scable inputs to allow simultaneous display of content from upto 3 simultaneous video signal sources
  • Maximum flexibility:
    • Programmable for customer-relevant data
    • EIZO developed FPGA based board  
  • Long term availability | Support – inhouse EIZO
    10 years availability (min.)
  • Long term cost saving
  • Various configuration options (OSD, Web interface, USB HID, RS-232, Ethernet)
  • Up to 4K2K resolution, 8K4K possible
  • Supports Linux OS

Tell us your requirements and together we can develop your monitor solution with an integrated IDP function.